The Grassland News is a newsletter that comes out Monthly to the residents of the Municipality of Grassland. The deadline to submit articles is either the first or second Thursday of each month at noon (12:00pm). You can find the deadline for each month on the cover of the previous months' edition of the Grassland News. 
Here are the general rates for submitting articles: 
Full Page Ad
1/2 Page Ad 
1/4 Page Ad $25.00 
1/8 Page Ad $20.00 
Classified/Coming Events $10.00 
Thank You $10.00 
In Memoriam $10.00 
In Memoriam with Picture $20.00 
Obituary $10.00 
Obituary with Picture $20.00 
Announcement $10.00 
Announcement with Picture $20.00 
News Article NO CHARGE
Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice. 
All articles can by submitted by:
Drop off: Hartney Municipal Office, 209 Airdrie Street
Mailed: Box 146, Hartney MB, R0M0X0
For more information, please contact the Economic Development Officer: (204) 858-2536 or
You can find below current and previous editions of the Grassland News. 

  • Council Minutes
  • Financial Plan
  • Grassland News
  • Hylife Hearing
  • LUD of Elgin Minutes
  • LUD of Minto Minutes
  • New node
  • Planning District
  • Recreation Forms
  • Tenders