Lots for Sale

Hartney has a new development on the south side of the town which has quickly filled up over the past few years. 
New Development
Lot size: 118 frontage x 110 deep
Includes water, sewer, gas and cable to the property line.
Located in close proximity to kindergarten to grade 12 school as well as Hartney & Area arena.
Stipulations: Must start building in 1 year with a completion date of 2 years from date of purchase.
For more information please contact:

Hartney Municipal Office: (204) 858-2590  

Economic Development Office: (204) 858-2536   

Vacant lots and Buildings Available for Businesses
Contact the Economic Development office for more information

There is one unit left to rent out. It is move-in ready. 1200sq ft per unit plus attached garage ALL one level, no stairs, wheelchair accessible. 2 Bedroom, one bath, walk in pantry, plenty of closets. Rent $20 000 down payment, $1000 a month plus utilities. 

Call Mark at (204) 720-1913 for more information.