Elgin Community Hall

The Elgin Community Hall is operated by a committee. 
Board Members:
Tyler Spratt
Steve Tufts
Alva Farough
Kathy Pettinger
Main Contact:
Tyler Spratt
Ph: (204) 741-0044
Email: tylerspratt@gmail.com
The committee's main goal is to maintain and operate the Community Hall. 
Rental Rates (effective as of March 2019)
Family Gathering/Social Function  $100.00 
with Bar  $250.00 
Commercial Meeting 
Banquet/Tea/Half-day event  $50.00 
Church Service  $40.00 
Bridal Shower  $25.00 
Funeral  Donation 
Community Potluck/Exercise Class  Donation 
Election (Federal, Provincial, Municipal)  As set by the Government 
Drop-In $2.00/person 
Please contact the above for more information.