The current (as of April 2019) Cemetery Board members are: Chairman – Don Arnold, Secretary/Treasurer – Allan Halliday, Harold Maguire, Leslie Larson, Jeremy Robbins, Gary Robbins, Bob Miller and Municipal Council Representatives - John Sparrow. 

A "Perpetual Care Fund” has been established in order to maintain the cemetery. Donations can be made to the Elgin Cemetery Fund and may be sent to Municipality of Grassland, Box 399, Hartney MB, R0M0X0. Charitable donation receipts will be issued. Interest from the fund is used for maintenance.  Contractors are currently hired to do the mowing and trimming. This has resulted in the cemetery being kept evenly mowed and trimmed at all times.
Elgin Cemetery History

There is no recorded date of the establishment of the Elgin Cemetery. According to the November 2, 1900 issue of the "Public Opinion” (Elgin’s first newspaper), "there was agitation for a cemetery because people are being buried in a field north of town or in other towns”. Google says the cemetery was established in 1903. It is shown on a map of the town which, unfortunately, is not dated.

From "The Echoes of Elgin”, the first cemetery board was appointed in 1917, consisting of Chairman – W.T. Draper, Secretary – A.E. Wilson, R.J. Moffat, John Dodds, and F.R. Ross. At a public meeting on November 10, 1925, Council was authorized to purchase land from Mr. McEwan. At the same meeting, it was noted that a committee was needed to maintain the Memorial Plot; thus, the Cemetery and Memorial Improvement Committee was formed. Those members were: Dr. Lee, T.H. Reid, A. Biggins, T.H. Barber, and W.T. Kerslake.

There are references in the December 11, 1902 "Elgin Lancet” of the burial of Mr. John Griffith in the Elgin Cemetery and, on February 12, 1903, the burial of Clara Matilda Tufts and, on July 30, 1903, the burial of Sarah Dashney.

In the beginning, plots were to be maintained by the family. A mower was purchased in 1947 and a caretaker hired to maintain the Cemetery and Memorial Plot. At that time, a levy of 1 mil on assessment was requested.

The writer knows from family lore that two graves were moved from Souris to Elgin, probably in the 1920’s. Jas. Dodds died in 1897 at his homestead on 35-05-21 and was buried in Souris. His sister, Margaret Jordan, died in 1896 and was also buried in Souris. They are now in the Dodds plot in Elgin.

Researched by Margie Robbins