Lots for Sale


  1. $1200.00
    Lot size: 118 frontage x 110 deep
    Includes water, sewer, gas and cable to the property line
    Located in close proximity to kindergarten to grade 12 school as well as Hartney & Area arena
    Stipulations: Must start building in 1 year with a completion date of 2 years from date of purchase
    For more information please contact:
    Emblem CDC Office at 204-858-2536    edo@hartney.ca
    Town of Hartney at 204-858-2429   hartney@mts.net
  2. Lumber Store for Sale – contact the CDC Office for more information
  3. Vacant lots and Buildings Available for Businesses
    Contact the CDC office for more information 204-858-2536



 Lots 1-5 along Railway Ave are still available, all other lots have been sold
Please contact the Municipal office (204)776-2172 for more information.

Minto - Lots for Sale

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Please contact the municipal office to see which lots are still available, 204-776-2172 or edo@whitewaterrm.ca

Elgin - Lots for Sale

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